A Hotel Front Desk Manager Position is Available at 1032455 B.C. Ltd. in Canada

Business couple doing check in at the hotel and talking to a woman at the front desk

Are you seeking a novel and stimulating prospect to be employed at a hotel? The hotel, 1032455 B.C. Ltd., is presently seeking a proficient and seasoned front desk manager.


Manager of the front desk of a hotel

1032455 B.C. Ltd. is widely recognized for its exceptional provision of high-quality hospitality services to guests. The preferred candidate will have the responsibility of overseeing and guiding the front office staff, ensuring the smooth and effective functioning of the reception area.


The company is looking for a candidate who is enthusiastic about providing outstanding guest experiences and can offer direction and assistance to the team of front desk agents.


Applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, a closely connected discipline, or an equivalent qualification.
At least 5 years of expertise in hotel front desk operations are required. (The amount may differ based on the employer.)
Proficient in leadership and management abilities.
Proficient in effective communication and providing exceptional customer service.
Proficiency in multitasking and performing effectively in high-pressure situations.
Skilled in utilizing Microsoft Office and proficient in hotel management software.


The duties of a hotel front desk manager at 1032455 B.C. Ltd. in Canada encompass:

Supervising Daily Operations: The front desk manager is accountable for overseeing the efficient operation of the front desk department. This includes overseeing personnel, organizing work schedules, and collaborating with other departments to optimize operational efficiency.
Staff Management and Training: The front desk manager has the duty of recruiting, instructing, and overseeing the front desk personnel. They offer guidance and assistance to ensure that staff give exceptional customer service and comply with business policies and procedures.
Managing visitor complaints: The front desk manager serves as the primary liaison for addressing visitor complaints and any problems they may have. To guarantee guest happiness, it is imperative that they immediately and effectively tackle any concerns that arise. This may entail directly addressing issues or engaging other departments or management as required.
The front desk manager is accountable for upholding elevated levels of customer service to ensure guest satisfaction. They must guarantee a cordial reception for guests, streamline the check-in and check-out procedures, and swiftly address any specific requests or requirements.
The front desk manager collaborates closely with other hotel departments, including housekeeping, maintenance, and reservations, to guarantee efficient operations. Their role involves facilitating effective communication of visitor requirements and orchestrating various services to guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted guest experience.
The front desk manager has the duty of ensuring the accuracy of data and reports about guest bookings, room availability, revenue, and expenses. These records facilitate decision-making, monitor performance, and pinpoint areas for enhancement.
The front desk manager has a pivotal role in formulating and executing policies and procedures aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and the overall client experience. They guarantee that personnel receive training on these policies and oversee adherence.

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The primary responsibility of the front desk manager is to guarantee exceptional customer service, streamlined operations, and guest contentment at the hotel’s front desk. They have a crucial function in overseeing personnel, handling guest issues, and upholding exceptional service benchmarks.

Highly competitive remuneration and comprehensive benefits package.
Possibilities for professional progression.
Programs are designed to enhance skills and knowledge through training and professional development.
Medical and dental coverage.
Compensated leave and public holidays.

Overseeing the front desk personnel, which involves managing their work schedules and conducting performance assessments.
Managing the process of guest arrivals and departures.
Addressing and resolving guest grievances and concerns.
Ensuring adherence to hotel regulations and procedures.
Overseeing the allocation of rooms and ensuring their availability.
Supervising and regulating expenditures.
Creating and executing plans to enhance the utilization and financial gains of a property.

If you possess the necessary qualifications and are interested in this employment opportunity, we strongly advise you to apply for this role if you have a demonstrated history of effectively overseeing a hotel’s front office operations. Please forward your curriculum vitae and accompanying letter of introduction to

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